What Is Auto Detailing All About

Car maintenance requires a lot of work; some people feel oil changing and brake tests with spark plug replacements comprise of all that has to be done when it comes to auto detailing. Many do not even consider it an important part of car maintenance.

Auto detailing

Auto detailing is not all about making the car clean and shining as there are some extra benefits. Though auto detailing is all about cleaning the interior and exterior of a car to make it sparkling clean, people will be pretty amazed at how beneficial it will be to their car in the long run. The best auto detailing products are made use of to have the car well washed.

On the surface, Some might think that car detailing is just to give your car some extra shine. But that is not true. Car detailing will also prove to be more useful as well. 

The focus is on the interior and exterior of the car; though different car dealers have their customized auto detailing procedures but the standards are quite similar. There are many different types of auto detailing products that can be used to make cars sparkling and smell nice. 


People will always notice the exterior look of a car before even the interior or admiring the car. That is the reason why most car detailers pay keen attention to the car exterior when washing the car making sure it is sparkling clean. Once they are done, the car looks new like how it was bought. 

Refurbishing its gloss using paint is a common thing most persons do when the car loses its glow and this could be years after the car was purchased. Most car dealers always work on the windows, wheels, then the tires and rims ensuring that they look flawlessly clean.

Things like dirt, grease and even blemishes are always gotten rid of when the car is being cleaned exteriorly. Degreasers and detergents are always made use of so the car cleaning can be effectively cleaned.

The exterior cleaning process

Washing and drying

The first is to thing when it comes to exterior cleaning is thorough high-powered washing beforehand washing follows using a nice soap before it is then dried.


Clay’s work always comes after washing and drying. This process simply means traces of overspray which include; watermarks, and soap scums with other dirt that could not be gotten rid of.


As years unfold, it is usual that the car will lose part of its glitter; using paint especially original ones will bring it back to its new state. 


The final phase of the exterior phase is applying sealants that give the car a shiny and smooth look. Some other detailers even apply wax just to maintain the surface.

The interior process


With interior cleaning, the first thing is vacuuming which cleans out all parts of the car plus the glove sections and trunk.


This is the main part of the interior cleaning phase where the mats and carpets are well-scrubbed and brushed properly. The aim is to get rid of the stains and blemishes that a normal wash cannot get rid of it.


The windows, dashboard, and door panel are now focused on where the auto detailer uses cleaning agents which will make it clean. Next, the car is then sprayed with a nice deodorant which is the last phase.

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