5 Luxury Cars That Have High Popularity in Dubai

Luxury automobiles depict class and a high-end lifestyle. You can easily spot an exotic and luxurious automotive in most world cities. People who have deep pockets often want to match their lifestyle tastes in many world cities. Nonetheless, few regions cross the mind when thinking of exclusive luxury auto brands.

The UAE is one of many countries that invokes a wealthy image and luxurious taste. It’s quite natural that the residents either own or rent a high-end automobile for their daily needs. Below are some of the luxury cars which have the highest popularity among Dubai residents.


Here’s one of the world’s luxurious automobiles that popular among the wealthy community in UAE. There are various Rolls-Royce models that you can easily spot.

They include Rolls-Royce Phantom, Rolls-Royce Dawn, Rolls-Royce Ghost as well as Rolls-Royce Wraith. These vehicles depict elegance as well as status once out in motion. They’re automotive that hold beauty.


Porsche Cayenne is another luxury automotive brand within the UAE. The Emirati not only love the Cayenne, but they also extend their heart-felt affection to the Panameras as well as Carreras. Dubai boasts as one among the few cities worldwide to have the gold Chromed Porsche 918 Spyder.

In this country you any car lover can have their dream come true. You can easily rent a Porsche in Dubai and get the real feel of the city. These cars are not only affordable but also offer great excitement while transporting allies, family as well as business associates. 


The Lamborghini Aventador is an iconic model that’s quite popular in Dubai. You can easily spot the police squad in one of these cars during their patrol. It’s a super automobile that has a V12 engine that puts out a 740-whopping horsepower.

With its sophisticated technology, you can be sure of an unparalleled driving adventure each time. It has a high acceleration speed thus is unarguably one of the top-tier sports cars in the region.


Ferrari 485 Italia is another easy to make that among cars with the highest popularity within Dubai. It’s an automobile from the Italian luxury sports car manufacturers.

It’s an automotive designed to offer a high performance which soothes the heart which longs for a sports car. It’s a popular automotive due to its acquisition ease; you can purchase this model or rent it within the UAE.


Bentley Continental GT is unarguably among the most famous Bentley car models within the UAE. It’s a high-end vehicle that gets made to offer unparalleled speed. You can drive this model at a 207-mph speed.

That’s not all there is to the Bentley models. You can also spot the Bentley Bentayga within UAE. It’s Bentley’s 1st SUV. It instantly gained popularity immediately; it hit the market. 

Dubai is home to various high-end automobiles worldwide. Residents within this fantastic city love to display their affection for cars. Thus, the need to view the luxurious automotive. You can choose to buy or rent a Porsche in Dubai or any other luxury car. Get a chance to see these vehicles, among others, on the road.

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