Powerful Corvette IMSA “SuperVette” For Sale

You are viewing the most powerful and brutal racing Corvette in the world. This Corvette IMSA “SuperVette” is one of only 2 tube frame Corvette chassis built. The car was designed by Bob Riley, chassis built by Charlie Selix and Gary Pratt (later Pratt and Miller). It’s powered by an aluminum big-block V8 engine with 750+ horsepower.

This rare specimen has gone through a concours-level restoration by Canepa to 1978 specifications. Canepa is now offering this amazing race car for sale. For more details about his Corvette for sale, visit canepa.com

Here is a breakdown of all the races this SuperVette participated in:

Road Atlanta 5th. John Paul
Laguna Seca 8th. John Paul
Hallett 2nd. John Paul
Lime Rock 3rd. John Paul
Brainerd 34th. John Paul
Daytona 250 51st. John Paul, Michael Keyser
Sears Point 19th. John Paul
Portland 17th. John Paul
Road Atlanta 23rd. John Paul

Manufacturer Champion Camel GT Challenge All-American GT Division

12 hr Sebring 53rd. Tico Almeida, Rene Rodriguez

12 hr Sebring 68th. Tico Almeida, Rene Rodriguez, Gabriel Riano

Daytona 24 hr, DNS John Greenwood

Road Atlanta 14th OA, 9th in GTO, Rene Rodriguez
6 hr Riverside DNF John Greenwood
Laguna Seca 7th OA, 2nd in GTO, Rene Rodriguez
Charlotte DNF John Greenwood
Mid-Ohio 6th OA, 2nd in GTO Rene Rodriguez
Lime Rock 9th OA, 3rd in GTO, Rene Rodriguez
Daytona 250 DNF John Carusso, Rene Rodriguez
Brainerd DNF Rene Rodriguez
Portland DNF Rene Rodriguez
Road Atlanta 5th OA. 1st GTO, Rodriguez, Greenwood
Pocono DNF Rene Rodriguez, John Greenwood
3 hr Daytona DNF Rene Rodriguez, John Greenwood

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