Powerful Corvette IMSA “SuperVette” For Sale

The Corvette IMSA “SuperVette” is a rare and powerful racing car that is considered one of the most brutal in the world. With only two tube frame Corvette chassis ever built, this car is a true collector’s item. Designed by Bob Riley and built by Charlie Selix and Gary Pratt, the SuperVette is a testament to the engineering and design expertise of its creators.

One of the standout features of the SuperVette is its aluminum big-block V8 engine, which generates over 750 horsepower. This makes it a formidable contender on the track, capable of reaching incredibly high speeds and pushing the limits of what is possible in a racing car. The combination of power and precision engineering makes the SuperVette a true marvel of automotive technology.

Recently, the SuperVette has undergone a concours-level restoration to bring it back to its 1978 specifications. Canepa, one of the most respected names in the classic car restoration industry, has painstakingly restored the SuperVette to its former glory. Now, this amazing racing car is available for sale, offering collectors and racing enthusiasts a rare opportunity to own a piece of automotive history. Whether you’re a serious collector or simply appreciate the beauty and power of high-performance racing cars, the Corvette IMSA “SuperVette” is a must-see.

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