1991 Ferrari F40 For Sale In Long Island

Autosport Designs, based in Long Island, New York, has just listed a stunning 1991 Ferrari F40 for sale. This particular F40 is a rare find, boasting a Red on Red color scheme, 7,000 miles on the odometer, and a 5-speed transmission, along with a Tubi sport muffler (original also supplied). The car has had only three owners since it was first manufactured and comes with all documentation by Massini.

The F40 was purchased by its first owner, Michigan-based collector Mr. Gary Kaberle, who kept it until 2007, during which time it had only accumulated 5,000 miles. It then found a new home with Long Island collector Mr. B. Yadegar, who owned it until 2011 when it had 6,000 miles. Since then, it has been in the care of another New York-based collector.

This immaculate F40 has been collector-owned and cared for since new and has undergone a major service, including timing belt replacement, only 1,000 miles ago, by an authorized Ferrari dealer. All original books, tools, and records come with the car, making it a rare and exceptional find for collectors.

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