Ultima RS Revealed for Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Ultima RS is getting ready to debut at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 which takes place between July 4th – July 7th 2019 at the Goodwood House, West Sussex, England. Potential customers will have the option of building the car themselves from Ultima’s specially designed kit or choose a bespoke factory build. The Ultima RS will be available worldwide in both left and right-hand drive. Right now the lead time is 22 weeks for a self-assembly comprehensive package with a 2-year wait for the factory to produce a factory built model.

Ultima is a British company that has been building Le Mans-inspired kit cars for many years, they have a reputation for stripped out, barely legal road racers, capable of accepting a wide variety of powerful engines. The Ultima RS performance will depend on which engine you go with, the options ranging from the 480 bhp LT1, 650 bhp LT4 and 800 bhp supercharged LT5. Ultima states that a 0-60 mph sprint time of 2.3 seconds for the 800 bhp show car and the possibility of 250 mph performance with some additional tuning. Ultima even thinks a 3.3 second 60 mph sprint and over 180 mph top speed for the entry level LS3. The power is transferred to the rear wheels through a Porsche six-speed manual gearbox.

Enjoy the photos and video tour of the all new Ultima RS.

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