Category: Tuning

2017 Audi R8 Twin Turbo By Underground Racing

With the new Audi R8 recently being released, Underground Racing has spared no time producing the first ever Twin Turbo R8, the company is well known for creating limited edition

Gold Engraved Nissan GT-R by Kuhl Racing

This gold engraved Nissan GT-R took 6 months to customize by Kuhl Racing. In case your wondering what a car like this costs; only a cool $1 million. Before this GT-R was

Impressive Mercedes-AMG GT-S by Mansory

The Mansory tuning company is well known for its impressive designs and modifications for supercars across the world. There latest example, an exclusive package for the Mercedes-AMG GT-S. Under the

Powerful 740HP Manhart BMW F10 M5

You wouldn’t expect to find one of the most powerful BMW M5’s in a small North African country called Tunisia, but yet that’s exactly where this one is located. Tuned

Lamborghini Aventador Mansory Carbonado GT

 This limited edition carbon fibre Lamborghini Aventador Carbonado GT is one of the most impressively tuned supercars from the Mansory tuning company. The Carbonado GT is more aggressive than the standard Aventador in

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