Singer DLS Reveals Porsche 964 Project at Goodwood

Singer continues to surprise the automotive world with their innovation and design. The company relentlessly pumps out new projects that are highly praised among the Porsche community. The Porsche 964 is the codename for the 1989-1994 Porsche 911. Singers goal as a company is to restore original examples beyond what anyone could imagine. They spare no expense in the attempt to rebuild these cars to outperform the original cars that came from the factory.

In press release just put out, Singer revealed their “Design and Lightweighting Study”. Building on the partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering, this particular project was inspired by a client that wanted to push the limits and find out just how light and fast you can build an air-cooled Porsche. One of these examples will be on display while another participates in the Hillclimb.

Make sure to watch the Top Gear video below of this Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer and Williams Advanced Engineering. The design and engineering is second to none, this is not your average Porsche 964.

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