Rolls-Royce Wraith Luminary Collection Revealed

Rolls-Royce has recently released a new Bespoke limited edition Rolls-Royce Wraith. Only 55 units of this exclusive model will be available, with new features including an illuminated wood panel and the first outing for the shooting star headliner. The new color Sunburst Grey is also released as a new paint color option for the Wraith. Although the customization for this particular collection is unique, it’s becoming clear that almost every Rolls Royce has some level of Bespoke built into each car produced.

The new exterior paint Sunburst Grey is inspired by golden sunray’s along with it’s flat grey partnered with copper tones it gets a hand-painted Sunburst Motif coach-line to complement the super-luxury vehicle. The Czech Tudor Oak wood, permeated by 176 LED’s, the pattern is reminiscent of a shooting star. The facia is linked to the controls of the unique and exciting starlight headliner which features 1340 fibre optic lights. The headliner took over 20 hours to configure with eight shooting stars which fire at random over the front seat. This is not your average luxury sedan, or Rolls Royce for that matter.

No pricing information has been released as of now, but you can expect this to be on the pricier side, most likely costing more than your typical Wraith, but that won’t stop anybody from shelling out a cool half million plus as Rolls Royce buyers (especially new buyers) are most likely in a position where money does not matter.

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