The Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 Concept Car

The Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 is the first pure concept car in Rolls Royce’s 105 year history. This futuristic concept was unveiled last month at the London Roundhouse.

The Vision Next 100 is not built to have a driver, passengers will have no access to a steering wheel as the car is self driving. Since current Rolls Royce owners prefer to be driven by a chauffeur, this concept car will allow them the same experience without the cost of a driver.

The current Rolls Royce’s are powered by a V12 engine, the Vision Next 100 packs two 250 kW electric motors that will transport passengers in absolute silence.

Most concept cars never make it to production, however you may start seeing some of the technology from this concept car make its way into future Rolls Royce’s.

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