Renault Trezor at the Paris Auto Show

In the words of Renault’s Chairman and CEO, Carlos Ghosn, the company is synonymous with ‘French design, innovative concepts and pure sensuous warm styling’, symbolized in this, their latest concept the Trezor. It herald’s the future design language of Renault and gives us an idea of the technology they plan to incorporate into their future models.

Referencing the DeZir, Renault’s Senior Vice President Corporate Design, Laurens van den Acker, highlighted the continuity of design between the 2010 concept and the current car of our dreams. Yes, dreams, because the chances of this car making it to production are about the same as the DeZir and all we got from the DeZir was the Clio in 2012. Nevertheless, the reveal of the Trezor did more than pique our interests, it took our breath away.

First impressions are the best and the Trezor snatched that prize. The style of this one-door two seater EV coupé is ‘simple, sensual and welcoming’. With a bodywork of carbon, C-shaped signature lighting, red windows and metallic paint, the Trezor is the sport car concept design to beat. Functionality in design is important to Renault. They were able to demonstrate this in the honeycomb-hexagonal pattern on the bonnet which acts as an air intake to cool the batteries beneath, as well as in the low-slung body and corresponding low center of gravity for improved aerodynamics and stability respectively.

Using top quality materials, the Renault design team combined a pervasive red, wood and leather to provide an interior which is the epitome of sport car elegance.

The charm of the Trezor lies in how you access the car. Convention is abandoned for a one-piece door that in the words of van den Acker ‘lifts very much like the lid of a jewelry box’. It requires its passengers climb in, gracefully of course, as the headrests of the vehicle automatically move back to allow entry. The Trezor has a hi-tech cockpit with a unique L-shaped display that combines dashboard controls and a multimedia system which has smart phone connectivity capabilities.

Powering the car is the Formula E derived powertrain and brake energy recovery system (Rechargeable Energy Storage System) which gifts the Trezor with a 350-hp motor with 282 pound-feet of torque that allows a 0-62-mph sprint in under 4 seconds. Passion for life indeed. The Trezor has an advanced Renault multi-sense system that includes three driving modes: Neutral, Sport and Autonomous.

16-months of development has paid off for Renault and the result is exquisite. Now if only Renault could be convinced to move this into production. Let’s all sign that petition, yes?

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