New Lamborghini SC20 is a V12 Roofless Supercar

For those who never get bored of seeing new one-off supercars, meet the Lamborghini SC20. Based on the Aventador, this street-legal roadster has neither a rood or windshield, yes you read that correctly. Details were made available back in October about an SC20 ordered by an anonymous customer that worked with Lamborghini’s development team through every process of the design and build.

The car is powered by Lamborghini’s well-known 6.5 liter naturally aspired V12 engine producing 759 horsepower. Power is sent to all four wheels through the same single-clutch automated paddle-shift gearbox and electronically controlled central differential. Considering this car is already sold, its not likely Lamborghini will ever disclose the price.

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