Modified Nissan Skyline GTR For Sale

Since it first debuted in 1989, the Nissan Skyline GT-R has consistently sat at the top of the JDM dream car list. For the last five years the car has been legal to import into the United States which caused prices to finally stabilize. The car you are viewing is currently listed for sale in the United States and is completely legal with a valid Virginia title. It has been cleared by customs, completely legal, and has all the necessary importation documentation.

Driver Motorsports is currently selling the heavily modified 1990 R32 Nissan Skyline GTR. This Skyline GTR is in excellent condition and has 61,780 miles on the odometer. With a lengthy modification list, this GTR is perfect for the track, car show, or just a daily driver.

This R32 Skyline features a built 2.7-liter RB26 mated to an HKS six-speed manual transmission and boosted by an HKS T51R single-turbo kit. This car has been built to push out 650hp, a far cry from a stock GTR with 276hp. Performance modifications include Denso 690cc fuel injectors, Jun adjustable cam gears, Midori Silent High Power Ti exhaust, Tomei fuel rails, HKS Type R intercooler, and an AM catch can among other things.

For improved overall handling, this all-wheel-drive import sits on a set of HKS coilovers with Cusco rear and front upper control arms along with tension arms. Other goodies include VOLK TE37 SL wheels, ATS triple-plate clutch, Safety21 8-point cage, NISMO N1 headlights, carbon fiber N1 spoiler, HICAS Eliminator kit, Spitfire coil packs, Greddy fuel pressure gauge, other gauges by Defi, a Nardi steering wheel, HKS shift knob, and a Blitz Dual SBC boost controller.

For more information, please contact Driver Motorsports directly.

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