Modified Audi R8 Twin Turbo For Sale

You are viewing a modified 2011 Audi R8 V10 currently listed with Empire Exotic Motors, a reputable exotic car dealer located in Addison, Texas. According to the dealer, this Audi R8 is a “car without limits”, as this powerful supercar pushes out 750 hp straight to the wheels, compared to the meager 525 hp found in a base V10 Spyder.

Here are some of the more notable modifications done to this Audi R8 for sale:

  • Complete car wrapped with 3M Matte Clear Bra, this is not a regular wrap it is a thicker and more protective(clear bra) compared to regular wraps. The gloss stripe is cut out and shows actual paint.
  • Lowered with H&R adjustable springs, it will set down on the tires and still not rub as you see in some of the pictures.
  • Blacked out grilles, and front and rear bumpers
  • New Style tail lights, both headlights and tail lights tinted
  • 19 ADV1 wheels and new Toyo Tires

The car currently sits with just over 42,000 miles on the odometer and the dealer is currently asking just north of $110,000 which is actually quite reasonable when you factor in all the goodies. Clearly this Audi R8 is not for everyone, the market for such a unique vehicle is very small, yet so is the inventory for something this rare. Enjoy the photo gallery below, its possible you won’t ever see a cooler Audi R8.

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