McLaren Speedtail that Pays Homage to F1 Test Mules

A 1 of 1 McLaren Speedtail has just been commissioned by McLaren of Beverly Hills. This new Speedtail is one of the final 106 units being built from the factory. The Speedtail is seen as the ultimate successor to the McLaren F1 owing to its 3 seat configuration that undoubtably gave the McLaren F1 bragging rights against brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

For those wondering, McLaren of Beverly Hills wanted to pay Homage to Albert, a name given to the first McLaren Speedtail prototype otherwise known as MVY02. The name Albert dates back to the days of the McLaren F1, it was the name given to the F1 test mules in 1992. As such, Albert has become deeply attached to the McLaren family. In terms of performance, the Speedtail’s hybrid V8 engine cranks out 1070 hp allowing the supercar to reach speeds of 250 mph.

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