The Lister LFT-C: A Modified Jaguar F-Type R

Lister is a well know British car company with a history of building sports cars based on Jaguar’s. This -partnership has been around since the 1950’s and Lister continues to build modified versions of the successful Jaguar models until this day. Recently, Lister have been toying with a couple of modern Jaguars, mainly the F-Type and F-Pace.

Back in 2018, Lister announced that they would be offering 99 Lister LFT models based on the Jaguar F-Type R. Following the strong interest in the LFT, Lister recently announced the LFT-C, a convertible F-Type treated to the same tuning ad the LFT coupe. Just 10 would be built. There is one element of the project that seems particularly well suited to the convertible configuration – the modified exhaust.

The most exciting element is the stitching, yellow on black and sewn in an attractive style. There are no changes to the architecture, but the leather is far superior to that in the standard Jaguar on which it is based. Lister are excited to say that the choices of colors and finishes are basically endless and that the only limitations are your own imagination and personal desires.

The base price for the LFT-C is £139,950.

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