Liberty Walk Offers Pricey Body Kit For Nissan GT-R

In case anyone out there is bored of a typical Nissan GT-R, Liberty Walk is now offering a complete carbon fiber body kit for $73,000, yeah you read that correctly. The dry carbon kit is not your average body kit, you get what you pay for with Liberty Walk and their products. The R35 GT has been around since 2007, so this new body kit will give the existing model a new fresher look that will certainly attract owner and enthusiasts.

Not many drivers out there with a stock GT-R are going to shell out over $70K to upgrade their over 10 year old sports car, but there will certainly be a few Liberty Walk enthusiasts that will fork out the cash. Overall the GT-R has been a success for Nissan, with the newer generation set to launch, soon you will be able to scoop a used Nissan GT-R for a good price. Keep your eye out on the streets and social media for a glimpse of the exciting new body kit by Liberty Walk.

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