Lamborghini Reventón Coupe: Exterior and Interior Tour

The YouTube channel Galaxy89cars shot an exterior and interior tour of a Lamborghini Reventón coupe when it was for sale by a supercar dealer in the United Kingdom. This specific example is #18 of only 20 Reventón cars produced by Lamborghini for the public. A 21st example was built for the museum.

The Lamborghini Reventón was revealed at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, at the time, it was the most expensive Lamborghini road car until the Sesto Elemento was launched. Its top speed was recorded in UAE at 221 miles per hour (355.7 km/h). Reventón is the name of a fighting bull, keeping tradition with other Lamborghini models in the past.

Enjoy the video tour below of this Lamborghini Reventón for sale.

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