A Lamborghini Countach Is The Ultimate Barn Find

Thanks to social media these days, news travels fast when it comes to almost anything. Recently, a Reddit user posted a photo of the ultimate barn find, a dusty white 1981 Lamborghini Countach. The title of the Reddit post was “Despite the dust and rust, grandma’s 1981 Lamborghini Countach is the coolest” which instantly turned into click bait as it received 3,000 upvotes and over 200 comments.

The Reddit user that goes by the handle eriegin elaborated in further detail more info about the sports car: “My late grandpa bought it for his exotic car rental business in 1989, but after insurance costs became too high for him to operate the company, he kept the car (and many others including the Ferrari 308 in front of the Lambo) outside/in leaky garages for 20+ years instead of selling them. Don’t ask me why, I have no clue”.

This is certainly one of the coolest (and most expensive) barn finds to ever be shared with the public. The Lamborghini Countach 500S is one of only 321 examples built and is powered by a 4.8 liter V12 engine. According to an expert at Global Autosports, the estimated value is between $400K-$500K however given its current condition the car will probably sell for a less than that.

And yes that is another brand find in the background, a red Ferrari 308.

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