Lamborghini Aventador With 2 Million Swarovski Crystals

The Lamborghini Aventador is certainly one of the most exciting and expensive supercars of our time. This particular variant, the Superveloce is even rarer with only 600 Coupe examples produced. Russian entrepreneur Daria Radionova decided that was not exciting enough for him, so he decided to give this Aventador the full Swarovski treatment.

In total, 2 Million Swarovski Crystals were used to decorate this marvelous Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce. Every crystal was meticulously applied by hand during a long process that took over 700 hours to complete from start to finish. For those wondering why someone would want to do this to a Lamborghini, just search on social media and see what other crazy car enthusiasts are doing these days.

Make sure to watch the video clip below, you need to see this live.

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