First McLaren Senna Delivered To Michael Fux

McLaren just delivered the first $1.3 million Senna to mattress king and luxury car collector Michael Fux Tuesday in New York City. The McLaren Senna is a 789hp supercar that goes from 0-60 mph in under 2.7 seconds. Fux is one of 500 clients that were able to purchase the new Senna before it was quickly sold out.

The well known car collector currently owns about 140 cars, many of them customized them with one-of-a-kind colors he is able to finds in flowers, apples or other natural inspirations. The new Senna is finished in a stunning emerald green which came from bright green patent leather on one of his pair of shoes.

Fux just uploaded a video on his Instagram page saying it’s the “1st McLaren Senna delivered to US.”

When Fux was asked about taking this supercar to the track and pushing it to the limits, he stated:

“I won’t track it, but I will drive it fast every once in a while. A car like this, it would be a shame to track it. You tear it up when you take it on the track”.

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