Ferrari Owners Take Over Barcelona Race Track

Barcelona’s Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya recently hosted over 30 Ferrari dream cars that were part of the exclusive F1 Clienti and XX Programmes. The race track is fitted with long straights and a variety of corners which which means its viewed as an all-rounder circuit. In addition the track holds a capacity of 140,700 and has a FIA Grade 1 license.

If your wondering what kind of cars were brought to the event, a majority were historic cars including the legendary F1-89 single-seater race car which stands out whenever its brought to an event. This iconic vehicle was the first of its kind to include a semi-automatic transmission with a gear shift included on the steering wheel, you will find this technology in most cars on the road today and can thank the F1-89 for introducing this feature to the world.

In addition, the event hosted a wide range of race winners from the 2000’s: the F2001 driven by Michael Schumacher and the F2007 driven by Felipe Massa. From the exclusive XX Programmes were 10 FXX Ls and FXX K EVOs and examples of the 599XX and 599XX EVO. The best way to experience Ferrari’s true racing capabilities is to be a part of these exclusive events that are held at the top race tracks across the world.

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