Ferrari FXX Owners Behind The Wheel At Road Atlanta

Ferrari Corse owners spent the weekend at the Road Atlanta race track behind the wheels of the Ferrari FXX-K and Ferrari FXX-K Evo. Ferrari’s XX series is made up of the wealthiest and most exclusive clientele in the world, these are super-wealthy Ferrari enthusiast that spare no expense when it comes to owning and maintaining a FXX model. To make things easier on the owners, Ferrari handles transport and maintenance on XX series so that the owners can enjoy tracks around the world with none of the typical hassles that normally are involved when bringing your car to the track.

The video below posted by the YouTube page Speedracer38 shows the first batch of privately owned Ferrari FXX K EVOs at Road Atlanta, after making their world debut at Ferrari’s Corse clients event in Texas earlier this month. For those out there that can truly appreciate the aerodynamic upgrades installed on the FXX along with the insane power and speed that comes with it; make sure to watch the entire video below with the volume turned up so you can hear the incredible sounds coming from these racing machines.

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