Equus Automotive Reveals The Ultimate Corvette

Equus Automotive is famously know for the BASS 770, a car that was voted the “ultimate Muscle Car” back  in 2014. The BASS 770 was based on the design, power and style of the iconic 1960’s and 1970’s muscle cars. The company has recently announced the extension of its product line with the new Throwback concept which pays tribute to the Corvette.

While companies like Brabus and Alpina focus on European cars, Equus is focused on customization for iconic American brands and models. Equus Automotive is strictly focused on providing power, stability and quality to American sports car lovers around the world. The Throwback is upgraded in almost every aspect making it a best in class sports car.

The Throwback concept will start at $130,000 for the basic platform, with more expensive options can increase the power to over 1000-HP with a 0-60 mph time of 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 220+ mph. The company has unlimited customization and personalization options to insure exclusivity and will be limited to just 25 examples.

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