Dodge Challenger Tuned Up With German Engineering

The Dodge Challenger is already one of meanest cars on the road. But what happens when a German tuning company decides to tune up a Dodge Challenger? You get a creation like a 890 horse power Dodge Challenger Hellcat that will be able to keep up with many of the fastest super cars out there.

A stock Dodge Challenger Hellcat can hit sixty miles in about 3.6 seconds. This is already more than respectable, especially for a car as big as the Challenger. However, GeigerCars has souped their model up even further, promising even faster times.

The stock Dodge Challenger Hellcat puts out 717 horsepower and 656 lb-ft torque. These are already pretty beastly numbers. However,  GeigerCars has tuned their Challenger to crank out 890 hp and 751 pound-feet torque. They also added a beefed up prop shaft to handle the extra power.

This isn’t just a minor upgrade, it should take the Challenger Hellcat to a whole new level. So with  GeigerCars you get a mashup of German engineering and American muscle. The end result is a powerful road warrior that will feel as at home in the United States as it will on the Autobahn. 

GeigerCars is selling their Dodge Challenger for €129,000.  If you don’t have that kind of cash, you can pick up a stock Dodge Challenger for sale for quite a bit less. The performance won’t be quite as good, but the factory Hellcats are still impressive muscle cars. And at the end of the day, more choices are always a good thing.

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