Bugatti Chiron Reaches 304 MPH Top Speed

The Bugatti Chiron has recently staked it’s claim as the world’s fastest production car. The record-setting Chiron was able to surpass speeds of 300 mph – a first for a hypercar ever.

The exact speed clocked was 304.773 mph (490.484 km/h) which beat the current record set in 2017 by Koenigsegg and its powerful Agera RS hyper. The milestone took place at Volkswagen’s Ehra-Lessien facility at the hands of Andy Wallace.

Bugatti has released a few pictures of a prototype Chiron with its iconic World Record Edition livery, promising additional information to be provided at a later date. It appears as though Top Gear Magazine was along for the ride and were able to provide a bit more info on the event.

The speed was verified by the TÜV – Germany’s Technical Inspection Association. There are many restrictions to claiming a production car record and all of the requirements will need to be met if the record is to be given back to Bugatti.

Stephen Winkelman said: “What a record! We’re overjoyed to be the first manufacturer ever to have achieved a speed of more than 300 miles per hour. It’s a milestone for eternity. I would like to thank the whole team and driver Andy Wallace for this outstanding performance.”

The car itself is not your normal Chiron. It will form the basis of the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport which is still under development. It’s modified from the standard Bugatti Chiron. The front Apron is entirely modified, as is the rear. The car looks physically longer at the back (by 25 mm) and has shrouding around the engine, as with the previous versions of the record breaking Veyron Super Sport.

Top gear states that the W16, 8.0 liter engine has increased power to around 1,600 hp for the top speed run. This particular example had also been stripped of a passenger seat, installed with a full roll cage and safety seat for the driver, and had been subject to a number of weight-saving techniques you would expect.

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