BMW Vision M Next Concept Preview

The exciting new BMW Vision M Next Concept puts on display what BMW considers to be its future. The BMW i8 was the companies first real step to combat other car companies with its own eco-performance sports car. Now that the BMW Vision M Next Concept has arrived, its time for BMW to reclaim the throne.

The new BMW Vision M Next Concept uses a normal gasoline engine partnered with an electronic motor to produce power. The petrol unit is turbocharged and has 4-cylinders. Combined with the electric motors, it pushes out an 600HP. According to BMW, this allows the sports car to reach a 300 km/h (186 mph) top speed and a 3 second 100 km/h sprint time. That much power is not available all the time, only through a BOOST+ mode, although it is not clear how long the boost is provided. It should do 100 km on battery power alone.

The BMW Vision M Next Concept is expected debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019 in September of this year. The i8 is part of a wider BMW program called ‘Strategy One Next’ which aims for up to 25 electrified BMW models to be on sale by 2025.

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