BMW i8 Art Car by Thomas Scheibitz

Throughout history, BMW has had its share of art cars designed by famous artists around the world. The company has recently displayed an art car that is neither part of the BMW Art Car series or one that was commissioned through them. This particular BMW i8 art car was created by the famous painter and sculptor Thomas Scheibitz. The German artist had designed this BMW i8 for his friend Bernd Heusinger.

Scheibitz’s believes that sports cars are like sculptures, blending both creativity and technology. His version of the beautiful i8 was inspired by one of his small paintings from 2017. To create the design on the i8, the painting was scanned and some areas were enlarged. Certain sections of the painting were chosen for specific parts of the car so the art flows with the lines of the body. This is a very exciting project that has received praise globally from car enthusiasts.

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