Aston Martin Callum 25 Vanquish by R-Reforged

The successful first-generation Aston Martin Vanquish has been out of production since 2007, but that hasn’t stopped the model’s designer, Ian Callum from bringing the car back to life. The Aston Martin Callum 25 Vanquish by R-Reforged, will be a limited edition run with just 25 examples.

Callum used his personal Vanquish as a starting point for a suite of aesthetic and mechanical improvements that would introduce over 350 engineering and design changes to the original Vanquish.

Each transformation can come from either a customer’s own vehicle or a freshly acquired donor car. Vanquish owners can expect to pay around $572,000 (plus local taxes) for the package, which includes one-on-one consultations with Callum himself.

“It’s rare that a designer has the chance to retell the story of one of their own cars. I’ve wanted to do that for some time and with R-Reforged we could do something special“ Ian Callum CBE

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