6 Offroading Essentials You Must Have For Your 4×4

Whether you are making your daily commute, hitting the highway for your summer vacation, or driving in your favorite trail, there are some 4×4 accessories you must have in your 4X4. Your tool kit components depend on your vehicle, its condition, and how savvy a mechanic you can be in diagnosing and repairing your vehicle in the case of an emergency out there.

First, consider the types of 4×4 accessories you use most when working on your 4×4 at home and include them in your travel tool kit. Ensure you have the common tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, a hammer, wirecutter, and so forth to make a complete tool kit. Then add new tools as you learn them. Here are some of the common offroading essentials you must-have for your 4×4.

A portable air compressor

You need a portable air compressor to refill your tires at the end of every trail. Here, you have a wide range of choices, from portable electric air compressors to portable CO2 tanks. The biggest advantage of portable air compressors is that you can move them from one vehicle to another if need be.

A tire plug kit

A flat tire may be inevitable when offroading, but with the right tools, you can always sort it out. How you deal with your flat tire ultimately makes the difference between having the best campfire adventure story to having the most miserable time on dirt. A tire plug kit is essential so that you can be able to fix minor punctures and gnarly gashes to get off the track to a safe area.

Offroad trail jack

You should always be prepared to change a tire in your 4×4; therefore, equip yourself with some sort of lifting device such as an offroad trail jack. Remember that you will be changing your tire in the dirt so, an offroad trail jack is designed with harsh environments in mind. It has proven to be beneficial in the offroad racing world, deserts, and trails. It has heavy-duty wheels, which easily roll over rough terrain while maintaining a stable base. It enables you to lift your rig much more comfortably.

Basic extension and socket sets

Begin assembling your offroading tool kit with the 4×4 accessories you mostly use at home when fixing your 4×4. But first, you should determine if your 4×4 is made of SAE hardware or metric. Some 4×4 vehicles have a combination of SAE hardware and metric. The tools may be interchangeable at some point nut using the right size of the tool is a must.

Specialty and universal tools

You may have a test light, but a small multimeter is even better for monitoring electrical issues. Ratcheting wrenches and needle nose vice grips are very helpful for trail repairs. A tape measure is also good for correcting the length of a bent suspension control arm or setting the toe on a bent steering tie rod. Ensure you have specialty tools such as hex wrenches, hub sockets, and lock ring pliers. Add them to your tool kit if necessary, based on their applications.

Work lamp or flashlight

A flashlight comes in handy when offroading to see and make minor repairs in your 4×4.

The last words

Make things easier by having the essential tools in your 4×4 whenever you are offroading.

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