2018 BMW i8 Roadster Revealed

BMW is set to reveal it’s i8 Roadster at the 2017 Los Angeles Motor Show next week. The new soft-top convertible opens in under 16 seconds and can be operated at speeds up to 31 mph. The eDrive powertrain has also evolved to offer more power and increased range between charges. The lithium-ion battery cell capacity is up from 20 to 34 Ah which is a substantial increase and will be a great selling point for the new i8 coupes and convertibles.

According to BMW, the increased power will take the new i8 from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds for the roadster and 4.2 seconds for the coupe. Both versions are electronically limited to 155 mph. The BMW i8 Roadster will be available in two new exterior colors; E-Copper and Donnington Grey. Also on offer is a new upholstery option, Tera World Copper with E-Copper upholstery.

Pricing has not been released yet, but BMW dealers are expecting the i8 Roadster in the spring of 2018.

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