1957 BMW 507 Goes For $5 Million, Setting Record

A 1957 BMW 507 recently went for $5 million (£3,809,500) on the auction block, setting a record for the most expensive BMW ever. The final price tag for the 1957 BMW 507 was roughly twice as high as the £2,000,000-2,500,000 estimated before the auction.

The BMW 507 is indeed one of the most beautiful BMW’s ever crafted and a near perfect example of a 1950’s roadster. The 507 series was initially slated to be a mass production car, and BMW hoped to export thousands to the United States. Instead, the car flopped. This wasn’t due to poor styling (it’s beautiful) or bad performance but instead, a high price tag that made it unpalatable for would-be purchasers.

As a result, only 252 BMW 507s were ever produced. The meant-to-be mass production car instead became a rare collector’s item. Those customers who “overpaid” for the BMW 507 way back when, thus inadvertently found themselves sitting on a major investment.

The recently sold 1957 BMW 507, which had only one previous owner, originally sold for about $10,000. When adjusted for inflation, that’d be roughly $90,000 dollars today. While that’s no small sum, it also means the recent seller just made a very handsome return on his investment.

Yet while $5 million is certainly no small sum, it wasn’t the most forked over at the recent auction. A 1961 Aston Martin ‘MP209’ DB4GT Zagato pulled in £10,081,500. This marks the most ever paid for a British car at a European auction. Several hypercars (mostly Ferraris), however, have sold for $20 million or more.

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